To minimise the fixed costs of the whole product process, more and more German enterprises try to procure the accessories abroad. China is a very lucrative shopping paradise. Here enterprises can exert bigger pressure on existing suppliers and keep a high portion of the cost advantages for themselves. Besides, the enterprise wins know-how above the procurement market China and can use this for other activities. It has only succeeded if one brings there "own" high-class standards as well as "technical" understanding to himself. „a favorable bargain hunter“ you are called, but not "the long nose with cut-off onion head “, the German would say" pull a fast one".

In China one must appear in particular in the Asian business segment to the most different problems. Thus high-class standards are differently interpretable in the farthest sense and must be given precisely and be checked to experience no bad surprises.

We, CGB support and discuss you during your shopping project in China. According to requirement we take over all attacking partial duties – from the supplier's search up to the contract negotiations and the organisation of the quality assurance - to form your shopping project successfully.

Strategical agreement hunters in China

Management consultancy in connection with own source situation;

The general conditions within the scope of the China law;

Factors with „buying" - decisions in China;

Of the factors of influence at the prize negotiations;

The certified of delivery duck's search;

Consultation by the assessment and the choice of the supplier;

Supplier's development;

Currency strategy in euro and RMB;

Währungsstrategie in Euro und RMB;

Support with the quality assurance and Timing management;

Supervision and decrease of the shopping goods;

Negotiations and company with the purchase;

Strategical purchase by our local interlinking and professionalism in China;

Support and cooperation by the lacking supplier's winding up.