Probably in the outside commercial transaction German enterprises will cover substantially more goods from China than deliver there. This arises in bilateral trade from German view with increasing deficit. This moves for longer time between 5 and 9 billion EUR yearly. Nevertheless, in 2004 it rose on just 12 billion euros and reached in 2005 with 18.5 billion, in 2006 with 22.5 billion and in 2007 with 26.5 billion EUR a new dimension, until it fell in 2008 for the first time for many years again easily on 25.3 billion EUR and and and...

Economic success of China as a generator irritates many regional enterprises. Without right information, careful preparation and the right use of own resources as well as „ just in time“ of timing management in the background of the European and Asian cultural customs and customs your vision and your engagement will lead in economic "war field" of China not to the success. – definitively 99.99%!

Before the elaboration of the right market entry strategies we offer you necessary searches within the scope of your starting point and your aim. Beside the basic aspect of the personal meeting the conversation serves above all for the purification following 7W-questions:

7W-questions in the first conversation:

Who am I?

What do I want?

Why wants / I have to go?

What am I able to do?

How do I want?

How am I able?

When do I want?

The topical market knowledge is inalienable in marketing and distribution so. Only who estimates his sales potentials, target groups, customers and competitors properly, can protect itself in the market the determining competitive advantages. Nevertheless, most often the procurement of topical, qualitatively high-quality market information in many enterprises shows a bottleneck factor. Everybody which has carried out already once a market analysis knows how luxuriously itself the search can form according to expressive market information.

After a certain treatment and search time our customers the first feedback agree shortly. Now according to result the other approach can be concretised, usually by our various services like "Workshops" Seminare