„Other countries“ have other customs and customs!

The "Bavarian" is different like the "Prussian" like with us in China "south Chinese" - "north Chinese". Language and the mentality has just passed away. The unawareness of social and cultural habits is the most frequent cause of obstacles in the China business. Lacking understanding for the different politeness of the business partners often leads of missing acceptance. Problems and misunderstandings are already preprogrammed with it.

Our achievements in the overview:

Successful marketing draught is an extensive process and needs a planned and structured action. Following regional peculiarities and the suitable adaptations to the planned target groups are absolutely to be recommended. The successful influence factor - the coexistence of private-economic reform economy and stagnant state economy are the reasons which are to be considered in any case. The right strategical marketing draught is one of the most important enterprise success factors for the first step to the market access.

We support you by the production of the marketing draught for the product politics, prize politics, communication politics and distribution politics in China VR: Their repeatedly successful commercial draught is formed by use of advantageous synergetic effects and local interlinking and is provided in view of the concrete analysis on account of the individual situation and own sighting with suitable strategies. We as a commercial interface between Germany and China support you as Chinese partners, as well as as Germans and lead you to the success! With pleasure we explain to you the possibilities of an engagement of your enterprise in China. Contact

Production of your successful draught:

* Strategical market competition analyses;
* Chance risk analysis methods in the mix management;
* Important indicators in the product segment;
* The tailor-made marketing draught;
* Aimdefinition and objective.

* Strategical enterprise guidance;
* Construction and expiry organisation;
* Market entry forms, maggot or Buy? Joint Venture ? etc.;;
* Licences, brand right and registration;
* Central successful factors.

* Conversion marketing;
* The consultation of the juridical and tax regulations or laws;
* Your activities in the communication strategy;
* Tax questions with the construction of a business in China;
* Single steps and psychological problems with the cultural shock
* Recommendation of reasonable advertising possibilities in China.

Successful marketing attempts:

Niches & pioneer's marketing
Nieschen strategy:
Key Accont marketing
Quality marketing

Synergies Networking effect
Network marketing:
Szenario technology ...

Zero costs marketing theory
Max. break-even point without loss:
Direct marketing
Internet marketing
Media marketing