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In China huge chances lie for German enterprises, in particular small & midium constant enterprises (KMUs) . Besides, China from German view disposes of a special value, namely without competition cheap manpower, plentiful physical resources. After successful setting up of the large-scale industry at the China market as well as very good media news about the successful stories of the world groups etc. the KMUs (SMEs) as a newcomer will also plan for the access to Chinese markets to take part in the "lucrative" shops.

However, the facts according to the IFO statistics are the disaster. Most European enterprises have led here at the "unusual" mass person's market from the careful preparations, missing information as well as different cultures and behaviour to the failure, the Chinese always say „The Europeans than differently think we, and and and...“

In Europe and the USA the economy lies since the crisis on the ground, e.g., "state bankruptcy" in Greece, Ireland etc. many KMUs have announced either insolvency or stand short before it. They search impatiently a way out to be able to escape. In China, on the other hand, booms the national economy. Economy of China has grown in 2009 around more + 8%. German growth - 5%. China a country which lived for years in poverty consumes all at once luxury goods.

Konfuzius said „引 以 鉴 戒 "-" Teach to move from it, as a warning allow to serve " or " 吃 一 堑 , 长 一 智 "-" by damage one becomes clever“. The successful history becomes only possible if one well prepares for it and learns somewhat of the other. Nevertheless, chances and risks of the business lie closely together. The higher one has chances, the more risk!

We support and accompany you by your individual needs with our network and the various business relations on site, like authorities and foreign ministry, step by step on the successful way. Our view is: Their satisfaction and your success in China is our graduation. We, your reliable business partner between China and Germany business will persuade you. Their vision is also our promise!

On the following sides we point you who we are what we perform for you as well as how we can support you.

Services in Germany and China in the overview:

Services for China :


China Consulting you want to open a business segment in China?...


Markt analysises Economic success of China as a generator irritates many regional enterprises.


Marketing concept for China The right strategical decision for an enterprise is one of the most important Unternehmenserf...

Services for Germany:


Sourcing in China To minimise the fixed costs of the whole product process, ..


Company foundation Company foundation? GmbH? ...


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