Together we are strong! Synergetic effect!

Every enterprise tries to diminish his food savings by different possibilities. It is very advisable to carry out a representation or a common Repräsentanz, before you found a company. We offer our service:

Instead of the staff reduction we develop our network!!!

1) Representation office in Shenyang China:
2) A representation in China;
3) Cooperation partner;
4) Intermediator.

China Germany Business Centre in China

Representation in Shenyang China /Munich Germany
In Shenyang China:

* Assistance activity like letter traffic, company receipt ...

* Technically strategical shopping surrender in China;
* The surgical shopping in China;
* Strategical supplier's management and shopping quality management;
* Supervision and Controlling of the whole procurement system;

* Organisation during the foundation construction in China Shenyang / Shanghai;
* Juridical and tax formalities for the company foundation;
* Cooperation between responsible authorities and business partners;
* Takeover of the travel activity in China;
* Support and consultation for the production misalignment in China;
* Supervision and decrease of the building site.

In Munich Germany:
Assistance activity like letter traffic, company receipt ...

Cooperation partner in Shenyang / Munich
Representation in China Shenyang:

The cooperation with the partners in China;
* Consultation by the assessment and the choice of the business partner;
* The support possibilities with the foreign investments in China;
* Support with the formalities on the Chinese office;

* Cooperation and communication during the company foundation;
* Travel company and inspection of the choice location;
* Retraining of the Chinese employees;
* Representation with the construction.

Representation inMunich Germany:

Travel company and care during the stay in Germany;
* Space renting and retraining of the Chinese employees;
* All formalities for the Chinese partners in Germany;
* Organisation of the favorable residential possibility in Munich etc.

Intermediator in China / Deutschland
* The mediation of the business partners;
* Recommendation and organisation of the flats during the foundation construction in China;

* Cooperation between the responsible authorities and the business partner;

* Recommendation and organisation of the favorable flats in Munich;

* Business partner / manufacturer in the area of the renewable energy like Photovoltaik. Renewable energy