For which reason do you also decide on a company foundation? Before the whole plan of the company foundation in China it is very advisable to have to perceive a basic-deliberative consideration. 7W-questions are to be answered first. 7W-questions in the first conversation

We, CGB support and discuss you as follows. According to requirement we take over all attacking partial duties – from the foundation place search up to the contract negotiations etc. - to form your project successfully.

Management consultancy in connection with own source situation;

The general conditions within the scope of the China law;

Factors with the "Make" - decisions in China;

Foundation forms;

Of the factors of influence with the proficient location;

The support possibilities with the foreign investments in China;

Consultation by the assessment and the choice of the business partner;

Support with the formality in the Chinese office;

Cooperation and communication during the company foundation;

Travel company and inspection of the choice location;

Retraining of the Chinese employees;

Representation with the construction;

Support with the quality assurance and Timing control;

Supervision and decrease of the project.

„Nevertheless, buy the cat in the bag“!

Besides, the considerable mentality differences and the different cultural roots are a gigantic factor. An apparently unimportant mistake from the European view, wrong interpreting of an indication after Chinese customs or yourself within the scope of the Chinese empty phrases can lead to delays and to the failure. Also the attempt German or European thinking simply on China and Chinese employees to transfer, certainly leads to the failure of your plan. We still offer to it our intercultural seminars to the contribution. Seminars

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