Want you to disclose a new business segment in China? Or do venture it, the step in the Chinese market to market your products? You have already begun with the China business and stand still in the early stage of your business? Have you got in difficulties, do find no way out etc.? China is not easy!! Without right preparation, to the right application of economic resources and a really planned timing management your vision does not become realizable.

We support you in the first conversation with all facets of the analysis of the current position up to strategical measures. Afterwards you decide yourselves whether the step makes sense for you within the scope of your economic aspects for the market entry.

China management consultancy in the overview:

The individual management consultancy in connection with own source situation;

Bases and need for the China business;

The general conditions within the scope of the China law;

Factors with the Make-or-buy-decision;

The strategical market entry variations;

The surgical shopping quality management;

Strategical supplier's management;

Foundation forms; GmbH Ltd? Joint-venture?

Juridical and tax formalities for the company foundation;

Market competition analysises;

The PQL-system within the scope of the economic efficiency;

Consultation for the production misalignment to China;

The choice of the production location.

The first conversation is free for you of course. Contact