Negotiate with Chinese like a shadow boxer!

"Other countries – other customs - other play rules!"

Why do Asians and Europeans talk at cross-purposes, actually, so often?
Why the Chinese differently owe like us Germans?
How can good business relations with Chinese be built up and be received?
How can you understand the action manner of your Chinese business partners better?
What do Asian businessmen expect from her German partners?

Confucius said:" One cannot look into the inside of the person, is visible only the außere facade which one can often deceive."

We look for the answer. The answer is very easy! Contact is everything - self & foreign pictures!

In the practically oriented Workshops we give an understanding to you of customs, of uses and the Chinese habits and we will find the way out with the practise examples the "right" answers together which are only more or "a little adequate" solutions.

Here is the overview of the whole workshops: Other tips to the seminars and events find in Appointment calendar & News & infos .

Intercultural workshops

1 - workshop: "Fascination of China" ;

2 - workshop: Body language and expression ;

3 - workshop: Conflict coping" customs / uses ;Communication and language ;

5 - workshop: Business relations and negotiations .

Pictures von 5 workshops:

Methods & Technology

Seminar methods:
* Lecture
* Discussions
* Role plays
* Theory and practise
* Case studies
* Practise examples as for example by the video-show

Technical methods:
* Notebook with video projector;
* Canvas;
* Video recorder;
* HIFI arrangement, CD audio...

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Seminar duration and language

German in the seminar:
* Seminars as well as the learning material in German
* Video-learning method
* A CD and a Learning material at the possession.

Seminar duration:
* The half-day Workshop lasts approx. 5 UE. (8.30 ~ 12.30 o´clock or 13.00 ~17.00 o´clock)
* In between there are smaller coffee breaks or a common midday break.

1-workshop: "Fascination of China"