Contents in the overview:

By intercultural Coaching you get to know the Chinese cultures and her action manners. With the better understanding of your Chinese business partners you avoid the cultural obstacles and create a sure appearance at the negotiations to reach your aim.

The first one is the mental preparation on the international business. One should come first in the head in the foreign country, before one is right in the middle.

Our intercultural Coachings are very adaptable, i.e. we can offer the course with you (Inhouse seminars) as well as in our seminar space (seminars with ourselves). The courses can be also perceived as a single (single course), as well as in the group by 4 people max. 14th to (group course).

Here is the overview of the theme to coache which we offer to you: Other tips to the seminars and events find in appointment calendar, news & infos

Methods & Technology

Seminar methods:
* Lecture
* Discussions
* Role plays
* Theory and practise
* Case studies
* Practise examples as for example by the video-show

Technical methods:
* Notebook with video projector;
* Canvas;
* Video recorder;
* HIFI arrangement, CD audio...

Seminar duration and language

German in the seminar:
* Seminars as well as the learning material in German
Video-learning method
* A CD and a Learning material at the possession.

Seminar duration:
* The one-day Coaching lasts from 8.30 to 15.30 o'clock.
* In between there are smaller coffee breaks / a common midday break.

Different kinds of seminars