Licensing for pressurised products in China

China Manufacture Licensing is a manufacturer's licensing. Foreign manufacturers or distributors which would like to import pressurised products to China must own the Chinese manufacturer's licence "Manufacture Licensing". Since 1997 the SQLS (Safety Quality Licensing system) was introduced.

The contents over China Manufacture Licensing:

1) The general information about "CML" certification;

2) Product categories - The products liable to licence;

3) Area of application "CML";

4) Formalities to the "CML" procedures - a red thread;

5) Tips to the CML procedure and his licence duration etc.

CCC certification China

The CCC-certificate (China Compulsory Certificate, "3C"), was introduced in 2002 on the basis of legal regulations and directives of the People's Republic of China and is valid for imported ones as well as for Chinese products. The products liable to certification are integrated currently into 22 categories. They may be sold only to China imported, in China, and be used in lines of business in China, after a CCC-certification of the product was applied and was given. In the course of the certification product tests and a work inspection are carried out.

The contents about CCC sign:

1) The general information about "CCC sign" Certification;
2) The topical product categories - The products liable to licence;
3) Area of application "Sign CCC";
4) Formalities to the "CCC sign" Procedure;
5) Licence duration etc.

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