Enterprise success without cultural shock in China

The tragic result according to statistics and observations was that 60% of the enterprises from the lacking cultural knowledge of the economic cooperation have failed. It is my view, the biggest barrier is the cultural difference between Asia and Europe. This leads to misunderstanding and the result is the failing.

1) Early diagnosis of the frictional points for avoiding of the cultural misunderstandings;
2) Intercultural conflict solution strategies on the basis of the crisis management;
3) The way of the intercultural "blunders".

Intercultural preparation for the market entry

Chinese better understand" by intercultural Coaching you get to know the Chinese cultures and her action manners.

With the better understanding of your Chinese business partners you avoid the cultural obstacles and create a sure appearance at the negotiations to reach your aim.Chinesen besser verstehen"

1) Example cases about the cultural shocks in China

In the business lunch;

During the commercial preparation without corruptions in China.

quality management and license
"Make or buy" decesion