Multiculturalism social manners

"Germany and China - Together in movement" had signalled the Federal Chancellor Mrs. Merkel 27th of August, 2007 in Peking."

The globalisation and computerisation have made a village from the world and therefore the cultural sector and intercultural sector has become the most influenced successful factor by the international business. The nations have been mixed more and more "multicultural-socially" from decentralised too collectively. This phenomenon becomes more and more evident. The enterprise must accept the intercultural factor as a new challenge to avoid the cultural shock. Thus it is very important and helpful to be able to empathize itself with foreign situations and to understand them.

Seminars and events are in the today's times more than bare advanced training and continuing education or passing on of information. You serve for the preparation at the new challenge and for the first step to the enterprise success, also to the motivation of the employees and representative purpose for the carrying out enterprises. Our seminars and events are just suited for it with multicultural background to overcome the cultural barrier in the commercial life. We try in the seminars to learn to empathize with the help of the Fallbeispriele to ourselves in the stranger and to understand the foreign cultures. Only so one learns the emotions of the other people. One says it - "the instinct".

Enterprise goal is our challenge! Which aims?

Are you sent by your company to the Far East?
Do you work on a project / business which should run off in China?
Must you communicate daily on business with your Chinese Mr. / business partners?
Or you simply want to be interested in the Chinese cultures...

Here is the overview of the whole seminars and events which we offer to you:


The intercultural Coaching By intercultural Coaching you get to know the Chinese cultures and her action manners.


Companies coaching Together with your enterprise we develop a detailed training plan ....


Workshop "Other countries other customs - other play rules!" Why do Asians and Europeans talk at cross-purposes, ....


lecture An overview of the following lecture ......

Different kinds of seminars

Inhouse-Seminars /open seminars: | Group course / single course: | Mead testicles / technology:

Inhouse seminars:

Here appointments, subjects and number of participants are determined by you as a principal. We will put together the whole programme in the approach in an advisory conversation with you together and agree on the suitable demands. Especially for you after your needs and specific features form. Then we will present to you a tailor-made course with the suitable identity.

Open seminars:

We offer a row of Coaching programmes with the most different subjects to you. Our functionally formed seminar space (max. 14 places) lies in a traffic-favorable situation. With us there are enough public parking bays.