China manufacture licensing

Foreign manufacturers or distributors which would like to import druckbeaufschlagte products to China must own the Chinese manufacturer's licence "Manufacture Licensing". Since 1997 the SQLS (Safety Quality Licensing system) was introduced.

SQLS is valid for the following products:

1) Steam boiler and their parts as for example boiler;
2) Pressure vessel, gas cylinders and their parts
3) Security armatures for boiler, and pressure vessel as for example valves

We a complete package offers our customer to "Manufacture licensing" - licensing application with which the manufacturer is optimally examined with the certification process. We look after every customer individually and provide by the complete winding up of the licence process for the fact that the resources of your enterprise are spared.

Here you find our achievements:

Support by the first licensing, licensing lengthening and licensing change of "Manufacture licensing" in China;

Information about requirements and procedures with the Licence operation;

Consultation in all relevant questions to test services by the assessment of her products as for example pressure vessel, security armatures, valves;

Search and application of the China manufacturer's licence in China by international product licensing of special machines;

Examination of all necessary documents to applications according to the Chinese default and frame services (incl. SQUARE METRE of manual); Chinese GB norms in comparison to ISO 9001:2000, ASMA, AD-2000;

Entire guidance of the correspondence with the authorities and inspectors;

Coordination of the travel formalities for the Chinese auditors.