Quality managment:


Manufacture licensing The Chinese manufacturer's licence "Manufacture licensing". Since 1997 the SQLS (Safety Quali...


CCC mark Allegedly "CCC mark" (CCC certificate - China Compulsory Certificate, "3C") ...

Engineering & service


Import & export business Logistikoptimierung über die günstigsten Wege Zollberatung


Renewable energy We search for the cooperation in the area of international business between Germany and China th...

Certification for China in the overview:

The German machines and products with the sign „Maggot in Germany“ stand in China for hervorragenste quality. Many machines have been exported to China. Some products are liable to certification. We have an international competent team which is involved in you in the area of engineering and high-class management in all questions. On this side you find our main focuses in this area.

China manufacture licensing & CCC mark/Engineering.

1) China-Manufacture Licensing;
2) CCC-Zeichen/engineering.

Together we are strong! Synergetic effect!

Every enterprise tries to diminish his food savings by different possibilities. It is very advisable to carry out a representation or a common Repräsentanz, before you found a company. We offer our service:

Instead of the staff reduction we develop our network!!!

1) Representation in Shenyang China:
2) A representation in China;
3) Cooperation partner;
4) Intermediator.