CCC certification for China

Allegedly "CCC mark" (CCC certificate - China Compulsory Certificate, "3C")

We a complete package offers our customer to the CCC mark. The problems which appear during the certification process are solved by our specialist adaptably. We dispose of optimum connections with all necessary places in China. The CCC mark can be attained by a professional company of the certification much faster and many problems can be avoided from the start.

The CCC certificate (China Compulsory Certificate, "3C"), was introduced in 2002 on the basis of legal regulations and directives of the People's Republic of China and is valid for imported ones as well as for Chinese products. The products liable to certification are integrated currently into 22 categories. They may be sold only to China imported, in China, and be used in lines of business in China, after a CCC certification of the product was applied and was given. In the course of the certification product tests and a work inspection are carried out.

However, it is not worth in Hong Kong!

Here you find our achievements:

Support with the certification process CCC on the product;

Information about the products liable to certification (in 22 categories);

Consultation in all relevant questions to a CCC mark;

Search and application of the CCC certification by CQC in China;

Application of special approvals by delivery tiny amounts of products Liable to CCC;

Examination of all necessary documents to applications according to CNCA, the Chinese default and frame services;

Entire guidance of the correspondence with the authorities CQC to auditors of an accredited lab;

Company of the production plant visiting by the China inspectors;

Coordination of the travel formalities for the Chinese examiners;

Support with the approval for the use of the test sign or acquisition of CCC stickers;

Support with years of age inspection.