Philosophy for future!

Competence - Creativity - Constructiveness;

Success-oriented niche strategy oriented to customer;

Quality management and productiveness management;

Added value and competitive strategy;

with wisdom to the common success.

We place on "Only weighs, then ventures!

Because we know that the action of an enterprise depends quite substantially on how it thinks, we place big value of a probably thought-out enterprise philosophy. Therefore, we consciously deal with it, where from we come who we are, and where we want and above all also a central question is which values to us are important as.

We place on added value by values!

With us the question is always ready in the centre what we can do to support our customers with the fact that these can realise the values in her enterprise history important to them successfully, because only if our customers see that we make in addition an important contribution, they are to pay one appropriately to price of our offers. And because we know that our added value is based on the values of our customers, we deal with these values intensely and make them our own.

We place on knowledge increase!

The more we move in the direction of knowledge management, the more importantly becomes knowledge. Therefore, everything what increases the knowledge of our customers is valuable for them. While we fortify all our products and services with knowledge, we create that added value on which our added value is based.

We place on lastingness!

Our central goal exists in the long-term survival and prospering of our enterprise. Therefore, we consider by every decision their lasting consequences for customers, employees and other Stakeholder, but also for the natural environment. We want to make with it a contribution to the fact that also the next generations still find a worth living world.

We place on customer resonance!

Everybody speaks of customer orientation ("with us the customer stands in the centre — and there he interferes..."), however, we take seriously this postulate, while we step with our engaged customers in an intensive dialogue. We want to know always early which resonance our ideas find with these customers — and which ideas have these customers themselves, because lasting customer satisfaction is to us the most important.