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For questions and arrangements you reach us under the following telephone numbers. Our hotline with three languages; in German, Chinese and English with all questions all around the shops and appointments with words and deeds aside.

With pleasure we agree in special cases with you also on appointments beyond the business hours or for company visits. Simply appeal to us. Contact

Office hours:

Monday - Friday: 07.30 - 19.00 o'clock & according to the arrangement
Saturday - Sunday: according to the arrangement

Best of all noten for the location Munich Germany

Munich lies in the satisfaction ranking in front according to statistics. The very good transport infrastructure, availability of certified manpower and better economic, political support of the Bavarians IHK for a creative, innovative enterprise are very important. In the economic and political city centre Munich Bavaria we have more chances.

The big industrial location of Shenyang China

Shenyang is an industrial town, to the north of Peking. BMW has founded in 2002 there a manufacturing work. Transport infrastructure, certified manpower are a condition for a creative, innovative enterprise. Support of the Chinese government as wave as local authority districts is given in the city of Shenyang. Our Magager team in Shenyang CHINA