China - Germany business in movement!

China Germany business is a German, owner-controlled consultation and engineering service enterprise in different areas with intercultural German / Chinese background. The enterprise CGB was founded at the end of 2002 after my 2nd study (economic engineering-> enterprise guidance) by dipl. - economy engineer Huan Märkl. Enterpriser's profile during the last seven years could develop the enterprise CGB as an interface between Germany and China many-sided occupational experiences and international business relations in activity fields whose main focuses lay in the technical consultation of customers as well as in the care by the entire project winding up whose country of origin is China, as for example technical and juridical formalities. Contact and business hours

Locations Munich Germany/Shenyang China

The enterprise CGB is in the economic and political metropolis Munich in Bavaria, in the south of Germany. Contact and business hours

Except our head office there is a department in the industrial town Shenyang to the north of Peking, China. The big industrial location of Shenyang China

Signpost for your enterprise success!

On your way with words and deeds to the enterprise success CGB accompanies you as a signpost with the whole commercial process. Your own strengths are properly recognised in future by our support and your weaknesses are minimised to concern your challenges for you optimally.

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