Enterpriser's profile "Huan Märkl"

As a Chinese by birth I have a Chinese end as a mechanical engineer, as well as a German end as an economic engineer and dispose of long-standing, international occupational experience, in particular in the international commercial sector as an interface between Germany and China.

By my international business relations, e.g., in the car branch, I could introduce special branch analysis and also the conceptual support with the product marketing. So that I could optimise the whole processes. I introduce my enterprise stamped, structured approach oriented to result and oriented to customer with pleasure also to the other success of your enterprise.

An economic bridge farmer> CHINA-GERMANY

Certificate mechanical engineering engineer & certificate economic engineer from passion!

My occupation is for me more, than only one employment!

Already as a quite small girl I had a dream:

I saw myself as an economic bridge farmer!

Competence and experiences "knowledge is power!"

Professionally personal competence;

Experiences of life in two cultural worlds German and Chinese customs and uses;

Specialist, business competence and many-sided enterprise stamped multi Softly Skills;

Economic and technical knowledge to do justice to demanding projects and duties.

Professionalism & personal qualifications

Certification- Manufacture Licensing SELO China