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"China Germany Business" - We would like to introduce to you on this and the coming sides our achievement spectrum, as well as company profile, team and a lot other more. If you stay a little on our homepage, can be persuaded of our achievements, it would be for you an advantage. A comprehensive, competent and individual consultation is natural with us. We are glad about your phone call. Contact

CGB is small an internationally operating enterprise in the area Consulting, engineering and high-class management for and middle-class companies (KMU). The head office is in Munich - Bavaria - one of the most important economic centres, traffic centres and cultural centres of the federal republic of Germany. With sound and always topical expert's knowledge and long-standing occupational experiences we offer you all services and engineering - service all around economic and juridical interests between Germany and China. Enterpriser's profile

The German Chinese economic relations have developed with breathtaking tempo to a successful history. China - the growth-strongest country of the world! No miracle that investors and enterprisers direct her look at China! Besides, China Germany business can make a contribution to your enterprise success. Services, seminars & events and engineering & quality

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We would like to bring you in future further forwards and exert ourselves for the fact that you understand the behaviour of your Asian business partners and her culture better, so that both sides profit more, so that your competitive chances still improve at the bilateral market. Besides, customer-oriented, professional and accurate services are a self-evident fact. We are glad about you. Contact

Our team in Munich with three languages, German, Chinese and English discusses you with his international experience how you come fastest to the aim. The exact market analysis, our effective local interlinkings and the good business relations with responsible authorities as for example to Chinese foreign ministry belong to our absolute strengths. We accompany you successively by our synergetic effects in China / Germany and the business relations with the authorities, local authority districts as well as business partner on site on the way to the success, so that the ostensible and invincible China barriers from the way are removed. We are glad to give an understanding of our strategies and of core competences. About us

Our advantages for you:

The economic, time-efficient approach;

Understanding and life of the bilateral mentality between China and Germany;

Local interlinking in China and Germany;

Synergetic effects between us;


如 果 在 完 全 同 等 质 量 , 条 件 下 如 果 我 们 提 供 的 价 格 高 于 平 均 市 场 价 格 的 20% 。 我 们 承 诺 收 回 我 们 的 报 价 并 且 补 上 差 价 ! ! !

Our achievements in three areas

Management consultancies & marketing strategies


China Consulting you want to open a business segment in China?...


Markt analysises Economic success of China as a generator irritates many regional enterprises.


Marketing concept for China The right strategical decision for an enterprise is one of the most important Unternehmenserf...


Sourcing in China To minimise the fixed costs of the whole product process, ..


Company foundation Company foundation? GmbH? ...


Cooperation partner Cooperation can inspire!


Translation & interpretation You are an essential marketing instrument in German - to Chinese languages

Intercultural seminars and lecture


The intercultural Coaching By intercultural Coaching you get to know the Chinese cultures and her action manners.


Companies coaching Together with your enterprise we develop a detailed training plan ....


Workshop "Other countries other customs - other play rules!" Why do Asians and Europeans talk at cross-purposes, ....


lecture An overview of the following lecture ......

Engineering & quality management


Manufacture licensing The Chinese manufacturer's licence "Manufacture licensing". Since 1997 the SQLS (Safety Quali...


CCC mark Allegedly "CCC mark" (CCC certificate - China Compulsory Certificate, "3C") ...


Import & export business Logistikoptimierung über die günstigsten Wege Zollberatung


Renewable energy We search for the cooperation in the area of international business between Germany and China th...

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